Welcome Post

Thanks for Visiting ‘ThinkLikeAlex’ 

This is my first post and I thought it would be ideal to post a quick summary about what I am hoping to achieve from this blog.

Being involved in the media industry, having been an Intern at Capital FM for a few months now…the need to post my views on the music we listen to, my thoughts on festivals and general updates about myself means I can express my opinion on such a changing industry gaining huge experience along the way. With rumors and updates continuously floating around the Web I am hoping to post updates about what I think and how it impacts on my opinion and lifestyle. 

Starting off with such a vague blog, over the coming months I hope to make it more personal bringing into it my unique character, expressing my personality to all those who are interested in the social media industry.



One thought on “Welcome Post

  1. Even after a couple of years of blogging, I’m still looking to expand my grasp of social media and its applications. The same goes for my DVR. Looking forward to learning more about SM from your future posts. Any DVR tips would be appreciated, too 😉

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