Good Morning Coffee!


Good Friday everyone!
Coffee in the morning is almost as essential as checking your phone, taking a shower and getting ready for another hardworking day, the thing is…why does it always taste so different?

Costa Coffee being known as the UKs favourite coffee has a huge impact on our taste buds, and what we believe is the greatest; of the highest quality and best value coffee available to satisfy our needs on a daily basis.

The photo I have posted is my cappuccino; the light, delicate, foamy energy stimulating drink which puts me in a feel good mood for hours on end! The fragile texture balancing the three thirds of espresso, heated milk and milk foam all create the perfect drink for me to sip on my way to work, study and to just enjoy throughout the day.

So where am I going with this? All those adjectives I have used are to sell you my cappuccino. A drink which I love and have a high opinion for. That’s what blogging is all about. Posting what interests me and how my thoughts are unique to others, with changing topics to ensure variety and versatility. Blogging is on an opinion basis, and this may not be everyone’s cup of tea..(or coffee) but I’m ready to make it different!

Coffee anyone? 😉
Alex x



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